Re:Maid with Cheats

In this game made in genre of visual novel you will ensue Nishi's story who is now during his university years and seems to be looking for her chick to get laid with more than he is looking for fresh knowledge. From time to time you will help him to make decisions by performing a choic from two options that will later define how exactly his story will end. There'll be few endings so probably you will have to replay this game couple times more to see them. If you are playing this game for the 2nd time you can hold the Ctrl key during the conversation for bypassing all of the text and get to the decision making moments sooner. Just don't skip text lines whichyou have not played before or you might miss something fascinating!

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Holio – U Bessie James

Today we have a real american cowgirl moved in dorm room sixty nine so if you always wished to meet wild blonde who know how to ride a stallion then you definitely should knock into that door at the moment! You will have to find decent words to not only keep her interest in you but make it even bigger. Ofcourse the simple fact that she is clearly that cowboy theme should be kept in your mind during this first-ever pickup part of the game. If you will be permitted to come in her area you may play another game - this time you'll be looking for several sextoys... if you will become successfull in this pursuit part as well you may finally get your chance to fuck this bombshell and find out how good she is at treating with crazy animal! And if you love this kind of gameplay then there will be more girls that you can find on our site!

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