School of Sex

Regular. A student named Isaac is called by the school principal. She states that his tutor complains about Isaac. The stud has slipped academic spectacle and behavior of a college pupil. Isaac stands noiselessly and stinks to reproaches. He has nothing to say. The headmaster sends Isaac home. On the road into the road, 3 busty nymphs fly to a dude. They are from a shore soccer team and everyone would like to fuck these busty girls. Isaac does not have such an chance. He sits on floor and drains his snot on his knuckle. The door all of a sudden opens and a unusual dude appears from the back room. He calls Isaac to go inwards. Without telling a word, the dude gives the stud a magic book and runs away. Isaac starts to read the book and understands exactly what luck dropped into his mitts. With the support of this book, he will be able to fuck big-chested chicks from high school and treat offenders...

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The Strict Teacher

It is not simple to become a teacher at the school. It is really hard to make students pay focus on research cause they all have is sex! Our hero employsnew technique of teaching and it works flawlessly. Check it out!

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My Slutty Principal

In this game you will take role of Johnatan - youthfull pupil who has behavior issues. Let us say his jokes and pranks are the motives of his very frequent visits to the principal office. "What a mischievous boy!" You might say but just until you'll see how sexy his principal Mrs Richards is! After that you would like to pull some pranks by your own if you were at this college... But why Johnatan is retaining to get here again and again? Is not he afraid of more punishment? Or may be he is looking for more punishment when it is performed by Mrs Richards? Play the game and you won't just see everything by yourself and also participate in it - since this is a hentai game there is some interactivity in it! Also don't forget to look at our website for more games regarding buxom educators!

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