Hanging Sex Slave

"Hanging Sex Slave" may appear a bit troubling name even for hentai game but what can get on its own places once you will know this puny minigame is part of way fatter project titled"The Legend of Lust" where Australians banging skimpy humans (along with other lesser allies) is a standard thing. And don't worry, the stringing up component means that the redhead chick will by simply draping upside down... but slightly that can help her to feel better after she'll see just one or two (by your choice) creepy figures in black clothes pulling their huge (!) Crimson (!!) Weenies out not only to fuck her to slap her face and tits with their demonic boners also! The gameplay plot is additional easy - click on on one of accessible action buttons on the left side of game screen and enjoy the flash!

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