Almost Noble Hero

In this game you'll be playing as country man Luke. However elementary life at the village doesn't suit him very much and he's desires about greater life. Life of a fanatic slaying perverse creatures and saving noble maidens (or just midens - that they don't need to be all nobles). Yet some day that his dad is dying but tells Luke the fact - he was a noble knight lengthy ago! And he even tells where is the key cache of the knightly armor and swords is covert! When nothing else holds our hero in the village and he has a yours knight set the fresh fantasy story is all going to start. In terms of the gameplay it is very similar to dream rpg games - you also will explore places and visit characters, get quest from them or trade inventory items not to mention help lovely maidens that will be happy to settle our youthful knight with something mor ethan just gold coins!

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You know that the aliens reside among the people. And in this intriguing and perverted flash game you will have the ability to play the function of a green alien that flew to planet Earth to fertilize girls. First you need to configure the parameters SPECIAL. Following that, click on the crimson button and the spacecraft will drop you off at the nearest city. Your main assignment is to enter into romantic relationship with earthly women under the guise of a man and make them preggie. With this, you should behave like an earthling. Chat with people, come in for a cup of coffee or whiskey at the pub. Meet the femmes and fuck them at a wet and black sewer. Love this game at this time.

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