Final Fellatio Deepthroat

As you most likely have guessed from the title this match will unite"Final fantasy" and deepthroat oral jobs! In the"Final Fantasy" videogame series we will get hot blond Rikku as principal characters. In terms of the deepthroat oral jobs - well, this is what she's gonna perform now! No naked tits or even booty - Rikku is here only to suck on your hard-on. The gameplay enables one fuck Rikku's mouth deep and lengthy as you need - the process is manual and you'll need just your mouse to control it! With time that she will get increasingly more sexy - which means that you may go deeper and deeper into her mouth. There'll be kinky remarks from Rikku from time to time to offer her a rest and might be direct you on even more. Just keep fucking her untill the cum-shot culmination!

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Rikku Hard 3: Dancing Queen

"Dancing Queen" proceed the narrative about Rikku's sexual misadventures on a concert of some favored singer. This is suppoesd to become a part trio of 4. Don't miss this one if you like watching hot blonde's getting herself in xxx ganbang. There is absolutely not any need of telling you that this once non the less - the game has no edition. So the shouts that Rikku will be yelling while she used and will be touched by a gang of prverts you will have to think out yourself. And it is good that there is not much of a story in the background so nothing will distract you. Don't miss the next scene which is also promised to be the last one about Rikku for now - just as all the prior scenes you can always find it on our website.

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