Train Fellow 3

This can be fresh adventure of our great old friend Danny who likes to peek on hot women where he meets them. In this gig he meets reall sexy blonde with really big jugs in the train station! The game is based on reaction and reflexes. Move mouse to contorl Danny. Only stir closer to girl to have a look at her curves however, be cautious and don't get caught onto peeping - and that is where yourreaction I sneeded. If you're going to find this ultra-cutie is going to check is Danny peeping on her cleavage or never only budge to another side of the bench and pretend that nothing happens in all! If you will get busted then match will soon be around for Danny - that will finish this day being locked up behind bars. However, if you're going to conclude the progress bar then... well, this is something you will have to find out yourself by winning the match!

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Kasumi asleep – Interactive boobs

In this game you will get the infrequent chance to play Kasumi's titties! Now you remebe rher, correct? The wonderful ninja princess out of world famous battling viedogame series"Dead or Alive" - that's her! But how it is even possible that she will let you to touch her figure ? The answer is simple - she seems so tired after martial arts training that she has fallen asleep! Which means tha she will not have the ability to punch your rump for grabbing her big tits... unless you'll wake up her ofcourse. So attempt to be more careful while having fun with her udders and nips and pay attention to the red indicator on the right side of game screen (not allow it reach emaximum point obviousle). This game variant is in japanese but slightly it will prevent you from getting fun using Kasumi in case you don't know the terminology.

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Train Fellow 2

This is Danny. He ises subway every day. However, not every day he meets hot blonde chick who is right from the fitness class. This moment needs to remain in Danny's memory for tonight's jurking off so he wishes to get this chick's image on his mobile smartphone... However, there's one problem. One huge problem with large muscles actually. This dame has a boyfriend who isn't a stranger to the gym (should be right next to the sweetie's fitness course for certain). So it's going to be up to you to help Danny to peep at doll... only stir Danny's phone without tape camera upskirt and off punctually. And observe as your courage grows! But do not forget about muscled boyfriend - don't allow him to grab Danny (and hammer him up eventually). For that you need simply to stir mouse horizontally to conceal from her boyfriend's look.

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