Pussymon: Episode 16

15 scenes of epic saga regarding bunch of brave heroes searching for sexy pussymon are completed... so it is time for gig 16! The adventures (and misadventures ofocurse) will continue in"The Mistsand Desert". Soon after the training you and Bridgette came back to have a briefing with master Oswald from which you find out out that Lord Edwin is gathering Pussymon Hunter Society's highest rankning associates. You do not have to be a genius to see that something enormous and very severe is coming so you and your friends need to regroup and also to deal with the danger (anything this threat is). But first-ever do not forget to go to the dining area... New quests, new characters, new sexy animations and ofcourse fresh pussymons for your collection you will find in this next step of your big venture!

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Pussymon: Episode 44

If you are after the adventures of members of Pussymon Hunters Socitey for some time already you might be interested in the truth that in this epsiode we'll ultimately know more about the the first mythical pussymon! So waste no mor etime and commence playing scene 44 -"Selene"! So your group wa sonnie its way to Liunahelm's castel and almost achieved it suddenly DOT obtained a message. And this message was Jeanivolus the Third himself! Seems like he's got a very unique mission for your staff and it can not wait any longer since chnaces of overcoming Brutemon are evaporating with each seconds and when this fresh assignment will be succesfull it might bring you nearer to victory because never before... New large pursuit, new side stories, fresh animations and ofcourse new sexy pussymons are waiting for you!

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