The Photobook: Teaser – A new project

Have played game string out of Strip-Games studio? Then we have new one for you! Get prepared the planet of"The Photobook"! This scene is only an introduction if you like it then go to our website for more. And ofcourse the game remains packed with hot and actual (!) erotic models! Now about the game. You will be enjoying as Austin. Austin is a professional photographer as you might already figured. Travel around the globe and working in the field - what could be nicer to get an independent journalyst? Well, may be nodel termed Nicole knows the response to the question. Besides, this morning you have a meeting with her... But what thsi meeting will lead you will find out only in the event you play the game! The fake of photographer's job is made plain but pretty good - you will have to talk with model, tell her what to do while she is not ready to operate and somebody or something else is constantly distracting you.

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