Hentai Math 6

If you like beautiful and buxom manga porn ladies, as well as you know how to solve mathematical equations and problems in your thoughts, then this flash game is right for you. Examine the game display. You see a gorgeous and huge-titted lady from the backdrop. After a couple of moments, the numerical equations appear on the screen. You must address this equation and provide the response. To do this, click in the circle and enter the response from the keyboard. Following that, the game goes into a new degree and you will see another huge-boobed gal. With each level of the equation will be increasingly difficult. But if you are not afraid of difficulties and want to look at the huge-boobed hentai girls you will like this game.

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Christmas Hentai Math

What exactly does Math and CVhristmas have in common? They are equally are the principal features of tonight's manga porn game! So get prepared to solve 20 mathematic tasks and get sexy hentai pictures as prizes. Ofcourse, all teh photos will be one manner or another related with xmas theme. You will see sexy girls dressing up like Santa's little helpers and iving the very best presents potential - pure erotic funtime! Just do not get dispelled by all these cuties too frequently because each level will be a time restricted to solve. Additionally, in case you will give the worng answer you'll be thrown one level back. But if you just happen to apparent all teh twenty levels you will get acces to the ingame gallery where you could enjoy all of the great pictures as long as you are going to want to! It's time!

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Hentai Math 2

Are you good enough in mathematics? Let's see! Just enter the right number to solve math problem. Bear in mind, you have to extend the solution.

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