Hazelnut’s Butt-Rut

You should play with this game only as long as you doesn't mind to see sexy unshaved doll (at thsi game she'll be a squirrel female ) being tied up and fucked in some dirty basement by indeed meaty cock as well as futanari bone. Also yo must play with this game if you want to have a great deal of customization choices even at an terminal anime porn game since here it is possible to change not only her undergarments or place some glasses on her but also you can switch her underarm pubes or even a hairbangs. There will be some text dialogs in the game and even some multiplicity at moments on how you want to perform one or another act - for example do you want to tease her by massaging with your fuckpole or by snuffling her? Add to this made animations and nice art style and this game might even become one of your favourite quickies among other manga porn unshaved games!

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