Katies diaries Ep. 6

Want to understand more about sexy dame Katie and her private life? Then you should check her diary! And this is going to be the 6th time you're permitted to take a slink peek! In this vignette you'll find out about what occurred on another morning following Katie and her bff Brandy were in the night bar. You will be surprised by the appearances of Brandy... especially if you recall what she was performing last night (and if you do not remember or haven't played prior vignettes then you really should test them first-ever ). Seems like Katie is surprised - her experiences last night was way more silent yet she is the one who got the hassle in the afternoon. However, this is fresh afternoon... and new experiences! Jim calles, Johnny includes... and which one of these will acquire huge-boobed sandy-haired Katie tonight?

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Little Red Riding Ho

Little Red Riding Ho is to Grandma's house. However, Wolf the PIMP has noticed her. The best way to see this interactive narrative is to click on everything (especially boobs) and find out what it does. There are certain things you need to activate before you're able to turn the page (like boobs).

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Amore caliente

Charlie is back... in Mexico! One of the items that Mexico is famous for is that it's TV soap operas. Among those things that Charlie is known for is making hot parodies on TV shows... which includes soap operas also! So dive in to this rated x story about love triangle - spouse, wife and Charlie! Just sit back and love the scenario right until the moment you'll need to make a choice - the decision is sightless which means thay you will be picking among three choice without understanding exactly what each option does. But do not worry - many of your choices will wind up in one or some other alluring minigame. Just click in certain place while Charlie will be giving a bj or taking man meat from behind! Every time after making your decision it's possible to stir further and determine what's going to happen next or have a measure bakc and check what other options do!

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