Laura Darts

If you like playing darts equally as much as you liek sexy dark-haired ladies with large tits you then going to enjoy this game for sure! Ofcourse the two darts game and alluring lady here are virtual but you do not have to be a pro in darts or pickup to get your success. Use yoru mouse to throw darts when the aiming point is in the perfect place to clear the field from all sectors. Once you may do it you will have to hit the bulls eye and hot videoclip with buxomy Laura will be unlocked. Ofcourse to see the whole vid of her unwrapping you'll have to acquire couple rounds in a row. And be careful - if you'll hit already cleared business it will become active again and this throw will be counted as a miss. Depending on difficulty settings you're permitted to make a limited amount of lost throws before the game will be over and you'll have to undress Laure from the start again!

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