Booty Call Ep. 14 E.R.

Hear the Telephone? It is"Booty Call" once again! Or there are a few issues in emergency room because this is vignette 14 and it is known as"E.R.". Meet Jake - the stud who constantly wish to find a chick to have orgy with. Sometimes he is pretty succesful in his hunt. But within this episode his opportunities are going through the roof because this time he is plastic surgeon! And much more - in this sequence he'll be creating some hot wealthy bitch a pair of new large cupcakes! Therefore no wonder he wishes to try them into act afterwards. Create a few proper decisions and Jake can get anothe rone of their cravings becoming real - to have put in hospital with chick haveing truly gigantic and round tits! And do not leave behind this just one among tons of Jake's experiences - for different episodes only test our site!

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Moonlust: The first bite

Who can give a finer lesson of passion? Well, despite your answer on thsi question that this story will be about vampires anyway... So our main hero will be a young guy. And because you have most likely already guessed he is a vampire. He was bitten and turned just a few month ago and there are still things in the moonlight world that he doesn't understand. Join him on his adventure and guide him thru his first hunt. For that you will stop by a vimpires night bar at which you will need to find a sufferer and tempt her... just do not leave behind to maintain the balance inbetween bloodlust and sexual awakening when you'll be taking decisisons on which course you want to have a measure in every situation. Also there will be few minigames that will determinate was your activity not or succesful.

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