Havana Club

How you can devote a while within this Havan club where you can play arcade game and love hot dolls unwrapping for you personally? And if you are consent then the ony thing that left to do is to choose which of three sexy gals you wish to undress very first and you'll be able to begin! Gameplay here is based on grabbing games - there is going to be a whole lot of bottles (using a very expensive alcohol clearly!) falling down. Your job is to catch all of them in one big box. Each time you may grab 1 youw ill get some points. Get a particular amount of points and you'll unlock more and more sexy photograph from de-robe photoset of the dame you've chosen. But be carefull and do not breake the bottles if you will let over three bottles to wreck the game is going to be over and you will have to begin from the very start... or you're able to play anothe rlady!

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