Strip Hangman with Barbie

Settle down your dream and understand that"Strip Hangman" in the title means just that you're likely to play with the erudition testing game known as"hangman"... but you'll be enjoying for your own schance to strip down this blonde version Brbie - that's true! The idea of the game is to guess the word from the letters it may contain. Should you guess teh letter right then you are going to see their (ifif it used numerous times) in the term however, if not then one more stroke is going to be added to the picture of hangman. Ofcourse your purpose will be to guess the word fully befor ethis picture will be finished. Should you then you will not only get on the next level and unlock following photograph but also will see a short vid clip of her stripping down! And try to remeber the codes that youw ill be given after each level in case if you will have to begin .

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