Plasma’s Galactic Adventures

Space - the final frontier... and so on, and so forth - probably you understand this intro address even better than we do. However, what do you consider adding into mining of dangerous and cold space some excitement? You consent to save princesses not just for thanks but to get a lot more? Then you're ready to become Kirk Plasma - the adventurer who is making his route through galaxies, set his feet and other assets parts on the planets in which anything can happen but (with some assistance from the player's side) happens only something really great like rescuing sexy princess from a world so far off that no one will prevent her from fulfilling her hero in the ways that neither princess ever should. So what, you already beginning to sense this is your kind of experiences? Then hit the play button and leap in!

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Dungeon of Cataclysm New Horizont

Life flowed calmly and peacefully in a subterranean city until creatures started to show up from beneath the earth. She got to the miners and killed them. And they banged by force and burned their bods . Soon they will get to the town and kill all of the inhabitants. The queen calls warriors . You are among those recruits. First you have to listen to the instructions. After that, go to the city gates. A guard is waiting for you . The combat test must be passed by you. To do so use the attack, defense and magic to overcome the shield. After that, your route is free. You must go in search for escapade and discover a means to defeat the monsters. In your adventures you'll receive into various situations - discover the right way out of your attempts.

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Behind the Dune [v 14.3]

That is the year 10191. Within this moment, the most valuable substance on earth is the spice melange. It is used by the navigators of the Spacing Guild . The spice exists on only one dessert kind planet inhabited by giant sand worms - Arrakis, also known as Dune. You are Paul Atreides. The emperor has allowed your family. Attempt to be a leader. Story starts your reef, in Arrekeen.

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