In this game you are likely to play as some badass leading lady called Galaxia who is about to battle her way thru the armies of enemies to successfully complete her assignment. And when your enemies really are awesome looking oriental girls in taut metallic suits which not covering their big tits and sweet booties it's possible to state that there can not be too many enemies! Actually your primary purpose will be to take them at the moment when they will appear on your way before they will receive their chance to lower your wellbeing. Stand from them lengthy enough and you will confront the manager of the level! And only after you may overcome this evil bitch (yet hot looking and really dressed up though) you'll receive your reward. What it'll be? Here is something you will have to find yourself out!

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Queen of Sparta

Another excellent fighting game with controls that are strange. Yes, it's hard to beat enemies. But in the event you'll conquer these Amazons that are crazy and lead your warrior into the success, I'm pretty sure you will be happy.

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